The Legion of Christ is a religious congregation of pontifical right, founded in 1941. Its’ mission is to extend the Kingdom of Christ in society according to the requirements of Christian justice and charity, and in close collaboration with the bishops and the pastoral plans of each diocese.

…Jesus went up a hill and called to himself the men he wanted. They came to him, and he chose twelve, whom he named apostles. Mark 3: 13-14

By their religious profession, Legionaries commit themselves to imitate and follow Christ in poverty, chastity, and obedience. They dedicate themselves totally to God,

A Legionary begins his life in the congregation, after a short period of candidacy, for two years as a novice, a time that culminates in the profession of the religious vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience. He then dedicates one or two years to an intensified program of Humanities studies, followed by a period of three years in Rome to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy. Several years of apostolic internship provide the first experience of full-time work in one of the Legion’s apostolates. The last stage of formation consists of three years of Theology studies towards a Bachelor and concludes with the priestly ordination.

The mission of the Legionaries of Christ is to form apostles as Christ formed His Apostles. By giving themselves completely to Christ, He fills their hearts with a passionate zeal for His kingdom. Filled with this zeal, they aim to build up the Kingdom of Christ in society and transform culture.

As an integral part of the spiritual family of Regnum Christi, the Legionaries apostolic action (also known as apostolate or ministry) involves serving in a wide range of areas, educational programs and institutions, and activities that help people develop their Catholic faith and God-given talents.

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The Legionaries of Christ have made a great impact in the local Atlanta area for many years.  They serve in a number of different apostolates and also have developed a relationship with the Archdiocese of Atlanta.

There are currently 2 local communities in Atlanta: 1 located near the perimeter in Atlanta and the other located Northeast in Cumming, GA.  The Territorial Directorate community is also located in Cumming, GA.

The majority of their local service is spent working with the local RC sections, leading retreats, working at area schools, assisting couples in marriage preparation and renewal, participating in missions, leading youth events, and assisting at local parishes.

In Atlanta, several Legionaries dedicate a majority of their time working at Pinecrest Academy in Cumming, GA. Here they serve as Chaplains, assist in formation, and participate in many school events during the year. Pinecrest is one of many schools that use the Integral Formation as their education model.  They also serve at Holy Spirit Preparatory in Atlanta providing similar support and guidance.

With the blessing of the Archdiocese, several Legionaries also serve a local parish, St. Brendan the Navigator, in Cumming, GA.  They are currently assigned as Pastor and Parochial Vicars at the parish.



Major seminary located – Rome, Italy.


Minor seminary located – Cheshire, CT.


Fr. John Connor is the General Director.

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