THree to get married PROGRAM

This program provides engaged couples with a comprehensive marriage preparation weekend. The program utilizes a variety of seminars, discussions, and private time to ensure that each couple is presented with the spiritual, emotional, psychological and cultural dimensions of Catholic marriage and family life. The program is presented by priests, trained psychologists, medical professionals, and experienced married couples.


  • The role of Christ in your marriage
  • How to more intimately love your spouse– keys to a lasting relationship
  • The psychology of marriage, the impact of your partner’s family history on your marriage
  • Effective communication & conflict resolution
  • The sacramentality of marriage
  • Principle centered finance

Cost for the weekend program: $225.00 per couple.  A “certificate of completion” will be issued to each couple who attends the weekend program in its’ entirety.

An option to pay a non-refundable $75.00 deposit to secure your spot is available with online registration. The remaining balance must be paid upon arrival for the weekend program or mailed to:

RC Atlanta – 1595 Peachtree Parkway, Ste. 204-208, Cumming, GA 30041

Ph: (770) 837-2798

  • The program is held at St. Brendan the Navigator – 4633 Shiloh Road, Cumming, GA 30040.
  • The program is from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon allowing you to stay in your own home each night. Friday: 6:30pm to 9:30pm, Saturday: 8:30am to 5:00pm, and Sunday: 8:30am to 5:30pm.
  • Breakfast, lunch, and snacks provided.
  • Overnight lodging is NOT available for this weekend.
  • Space is limited so please register early to attend.
ST. BRENDAN THE NAVIGATOR – 4633 Shiloh Drive, Cumming, GA 30040


April 16-18
Click below to register online for the Three To Get Married retreat.
August 20-22
Click below to register online for the Three To Get Married retreat.
October 22-24
Click below to register online for the Three To Get Married retreat.

What is the deadline to register?

The last day to register for a retreat is the Monday before the start of the retreat.

When does the retreat start/end?

The retreat begins on Friday at 6:30 pm and Saturday and Sunday at 8:30 am.

Are there alternative registration options?

If you would like to register offline, please contact our office at (770) 837-2798.

I have additional question or need more information?

Inquiries About Retreats: If you have difficulties registering online or have additional questions, please email  or call us directly at (770) 837-2798.

What is the cancellation policy?

$75.00 of the retreat fee is non-refundable which is used to secure your registration.  Any remaining balance will be refunded back to the CC used during online registration. Cancellation requests need to be submitted 10 days prior to your scheduled retreat date by contacting us at or (770) 837-2798.  You can also request to be moved to another retreat date at this time if space is available.

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